Nudie Birch

Nudie Birch

For the purist - our Nudie chopsticks in pale Birch are as simple as it gets. Beautiful in their simplicity - these chopsticks come without any paint and are our most durable design.

Sealed with mineral oil and bees wax to protect from water. Each one has slight individual characteristics that add to their charm and make every pair unique.

Crafted by hand in Birch Hardwood
Sold as one pair
100% Made in the USA
9" in length

Care Instructions:
Tomato, chili or high-pigmented foods may leave a stain. Hand wash on eating end. Durable and made to last but do not put in dishwasher or leave submerged in water. Keep them looking good by occasionally rubbing in a little butcher block oil.

Ships within 7-14 days


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